About Us

First Baptist Church has been part of the Hazard community since 1898, gathering for worship and ministry on the same parcel of land downtown on Main Street all this time. 
First Baptist is a family of faith committed to fulfilling the Great Commission as given by Christ.  We believe our purpose is to make disciples of Jesus to the best of our ability as God leads us.  We do have a distinct history that has given shape to who we have been and who we are today.  We are committed to continually growing and becoming more of what God wants us to be.  First Baptist is best described as a conservative, Southern Baptist church.  
By conservative we mean that we believe that the Word of God is true as it has been delivered to us by God and that we strive to know it and live it, understanding that Christians should be guided by its content for belief and living.
By Southern Baptist we mean that we are affiliated with 45,000 like-faith churches nation wide in a cooperative effort to fulfill the Great Commission locally and globally.  First Baptist maintains affiliation with the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Kentucky Baptist Convention though giving to the Cooperative Program, which supports missions, theological education, and other important ministry.  We are also affiliated locally with the Three Forks Baptist Association, which is a cooperative body of 44 Baptist churches from Perry, Knott, Leslie, and Letcher Counties.
By Baptist we mean that we hold to certain beliefs that are important to us.  Primarily we adhere to believer's baptism.  We reject the practice of infant baptism, believing that the Bible teaches that those who first believe and put their faith in Christ are the only proper candidates for the ordinance of baptism.  Furthermore, even though we choose to cooperate with other like-faith churches, our church is independent and it's ministry is administered through its pastoral leadership and congregational governance.
We hold to the confession of faith of Southern Baptists as a general statement that reflects our beliefs and commitments, The Baptist Faith and Message (2000).