Saturday, October 01, 2016
Loving God, Loving People, Serving the World
  First Baptist Church is a family of faith which exists to know Jesus Christ
and make Him known through loving God and loving people.
Church Calendar                          
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     Bible Fellowship Groups: 9:45 am
     Worship 11:00 am
     Choir Practice 5:00 pm
     Disciple U & Awana 6:00 pm
     Prayer Meeting & Student Gathering 6:30 pm
First Sunday of the Month:
     Deacon Ministry Meeting 4:00 pm
Second Monday of the Month:
     FBC Leadership Meeting 7:00 pm
On October 2 First Baptist will move its morning worship service to the
football field at East Perry Elementary School and join together with a
number of other congregations in a joint worship service.  This is a great
opportunity for FBC folks to invite others to come to this special event.  
Special guest speaker, David Nasser          Worship Music by The One and the Many
view his 5-minute personal story here
A new women's Disciple U class beginning Sept. 6
This class will meet in 8 sessions on Tuesday
evenings at 6 pm at the church building.
Read, come, discuss, pray and grow in
your relationship with God with others!